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Become A Sponsor

You can help cover some of the many costs it takes to support our clients by becoming a sponsor.  Donate one time or have reoccurring payments that will help us be able to plan ahead to help more in need.  

Milk Man

Donation of $25

Supplies the shelter with 8 gallons of milk needed each week.

Big Cheese

Donation of $25

Supplies the shelter with eggs, cheese, butter and other perishables needed each week. (Sour cream is a rare treat on taco night!!)

Energizer Bunny

Donation of $25

Supplies the shelter with batteries, lightbulbs and other necessary items to keep our equipment and staff supplied for a month at all 3 buildings.

Gas Genie

Donation of $25

Fills our gas tank for the company car for a week.

Welcome Wagon

Donation of $20

Gives each resident their own welcome kit PLUS a voucher for choosing new clothes at the Salvation Army thrift store.  While toiletries, sheets, blankets and pillows are provided, sometimes residents come to us with literally their clothes on their back.  A $20 voucher will help them pick out what they need, try them on and make personal choices for undergarments, shoes, clothes or even an outfit for an interview or a new job.

Or... Choose

Jefferson Sponsorship

"Movin' On Out Package"

  • While residents are at our shelter, we assist them with finding their own apartment. When it’s time for them to move out of the shelter and into their own place, we try to support them by providing new or gently used items from our own donation center as well as providing the following. By sponsoring a move out in full at $200, or in part listed below, you are helping someone get a fresh start in a place of their own. Typically, we move 5-8 people a month into apartments as they become available.   

    • Full Monty: $200 supplies a shelter resident with items for all 3 rooms below for moving into their own place for a fresh start and a new beginning

    • New kitchen: $100 supplies our resident with dishes, pots and pans, oven mitts, mixing/ baking equipment as well as basic cleaning and dishwashing items to get them started

    • New bedroom: $75 supplies our resident with new sheets, blankets, pillow, hangers, laundry basket with soap

    • New bathroom: $25 supplies our resident with shower curtain and rings, towel set, rug, full size toiletries and a trash can full of cleaning supplies

Donate Towards Our Next Project

  • Our men’s shelter has 3.5 bathrooms. All have been redone except the last one. Up next, an urgent bathroom remodel at the Men’s Shelter

    • $2,500 Replacing our traditional tub with a walk-in shower for our vets as well as our injured or older residents especially

    • $200 takes out the old and brings in the new toilet and plumbing

    • $200 takes out the old and brings in the new sink and plumbing

    • $500 or any amount helps us get closer to cover the cost of the est. $25, 000 project. General demo and rebuild of the aging bathroom requiring the walls and floors to be completely redone but this repair will help our wounded and aging veterans who struggle getting in and out of the current bathtub especially.

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