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Permanent Supportive

Case Manager
Shannon Tanner

The Permanent Supportive Housing program (PSH) offered through Chapel House Inc is a housing  and Urban Development (HUD) funded program that assists homeless individuals that have a documented disability to increase their self-sufficiency, obtain safe/stable permanent housing and achieve long-term stability. The program does not have an application process as all participants are sent to us by the Coc coordinated entry process. 

Housing First Policy

Chapel House Inc PSH program follows a housing first policy. This policy centers on providing homeless individuals with safe/stable housing quickly and case management services as needed. Program success in contingent on compliance with the program expectations and standard lease agreement. By providing housing assistance, case management and supportive services responsive to individual needs, we strive to significantly reduce the individuals length of homelessness and prevent further episodes of homelessness.


Program Admission

Admission and acceptance into the program comes from being placed on the  coordinated entry list and requires a documented disability and the participants ability and agreeance to obtain safe/stable permanent housing and achieve financial stability.


Program Description

· Leasing Assistance

· Case Management Services

· Support Services for disabled individuals, Families, and chronically homeless individuals


General Information

· Chapel House holds the lease with the Landlord and the clients hold a sub-lease with Chapel House for 1 year

· Clients collaborate with Case Manager to identify and obtain affordable housing

· Clients are responsible to pay 30% of their income or the locally established Public Assistance Allowance

· Clients without income– Chapel House pays 100% , income is NOT a barrier to enter program

· Client and Case Manager (CM) create an Individualized Living Plan (ILP)

· Chapel House Collaborates with formal and informal local partners

· The Case Manager (CM) will meet with participant via phone or in person on a weekly basis with a minimum of once a month in-person meeting and apartment inspection for as long  as the client remains in the program.

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